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Rorschach Pictures was founded by Garth A. McCarthy, with the objective to produce feature films in South Africa that can be released into the international market. The aim is thus not to necessarily make South African films, but to make films in South Africa - specifically for international consumption.

At Rorschach Pictures we depend on the the skills and talents of fellow South Africans and we want to put it on display for the rest of the world. Additionally, Rorschach Pictures is geared towards co-producing International productions in association with partners in the South African film industry.

Why shoot in South Africa?
 To shoot in South Africa cuts costs by almost 35%, hence making it a sound business  decision to use locations, crew and equipment offered in the South African market.  Certain  incentives and tax rebates offered by the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) becomes available when shooting more than 50% of a film within South African borders.

 Why an international movie instead of a South African movie?
Though South African films receive recognition at film festivals worldwide, they very  rarely do well at the box office. These films are usually released on the art circuit and are never seen by mainstream audiences. The content and themes of our projects are specifically targeted at the international mainstream audiences as this is where the money is, and thus presents the best probability for a return on investment.
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