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Producer / Screenwriter
Garth A. McCarthy has been writing screenplays for the past 10 years and has had some measure of success in the overseas market. He has already had several works optioned. In July 2009 he established Rorschach Pictures with the explicit aim to develop films of an international standard, made in South Africa. He knows that film is a business before it can become an art form.

Garth believes that South Africa has the technical ability and know-how to create internationally marketable film products that show a healthy profit. There are many examples where South African expertise contributed to a successful international product, and now is the time to do it ourselves. The South African film industry needs a revolution.

Etienne Marais studied at the TUT Film School and thereafter worked in the film industry as a freelance cameraman, editor, voice-over artist and director, focusing on the corporate and advertising markets. He believes that one of the keys to a successful international product lies in hard work and extensive planning during the pre-production phase of films. He has a close association with the two largest actor's agencies in South Africa, namely Moonyeen Lee Associates and Thespians. He also composes music, writes, is a professional photographer and is proficient in multimedia design and information technology.
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